A decent cheap track pump?

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Just bought this pump for £11.99 from amazon:
http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001 ... UTF8&psc=1

Reviews seemed pretty good apart from a few people who had trouble fitting it to Presta valves. Unfortunately I've got the same problem (fine with Shrader).

I'm guessing it's going to be difficult to get a decent track pump for this price but any suggestions around this sort of figure would really be appreciated.
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  • slowandsteady
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    I got a topeak joe blow sport 2 for £22.

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  • estampida
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    got a bontrager charger

    was 25% off £15 (a few years ago)

    quick check they are all £22 for base model

    but they do sell spares for them........
  • WindyG
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    Topeak Joe Blow Max II Track Pump, I've had the cheap £10 jobbies off ebay etc and they just break and end up costing you more later on when you buy a better one.
    All the Topeak track pumps seem decent with good solid bases.
  • Mr.Duck
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    wiggofan wrote:
    Reviews seemed pretty good apart from a few people who had trouble fitting it to Presta valves. Unfortunately I've got the same problem (fine with Shrader).
    I got the same pump recently from Amazon. I can't even get it to fit on to Shrader valves :(. I've not tried it with Presta valves.

    I'm so dissapointed with it. Maybe I can cut the end off and fit a new attachment or somthing.
  • apreading
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    Another one for Joe Blow - had several cheaper track pumps before I got one but now I wonder why I didnt get it sooner. The others work, but the Joe Blow is just better in EVERY way and by MILES...
  • Mr.Duck
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    oxoman wrote:
    also you can get spares to service it when it wears out.
    Where do you get parts from? I had a quick look, it seems so expensive you might as well just buy a new pump.
  • wiggofan
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    Thanks a lot for all the replies. I didn't think there would be any suggestions around the price of the Beto. The name that keeps on popping up is the Topeak Joe Blow so I'll try and find where it's cheapest.
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  • passout
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    A got a planet x one - Phaart or something. Works ago after nearly a year & was cheap. The Park one I had before that lasted about 10 yrs.
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  • meesterbond
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    I've got a Joe Blow that's still going strong ten years later... that would seem pretty good value to me.
  • Mr.Duck
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    I took another look at my Beto track pump... I only just realised that the thumb lock has to be down to be open then then flick it up to lock it. I've been trying to use it the other way round :oops:. So now I find the pump can actually be used.

    The down side is i can hear air hissing out of the parts where the hose attaches to the pump body. So it's still a load of crap.
  • barrybridges
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    Another vote for Joe Blow.
  • Churchill123
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    I've got one of these from wiggle - £20 works really well not had any issues, and it won a cycling plus best buy award too so it's not just me who thought it was ok obviously

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/lifeline-high-p ... loor-pump/