carbon bike for £699..bargain or rubbish

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Seen this on the argos site.Any one any idea if there any good. ... 324525.htm
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  • Grill
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    Looks like a rebranded Carrera Virago. Personally I'd rather ride a big wheel.
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  • norwichdanny
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    Lets examine it.....

    White, black and red carbon fibre frame.

    This is the paintjob, not a selling point!
    18 gears with Shimano shifters.
    Doesn't necessarily mean they are good!
    Shimano gears.
    As in shimano shifters!
    Shimano Sora rear derailleur.
    ok we get the picture, it has some shimano bits on it!
    Front calliper and rear calliper brakes.
    No way, not front AND rear brakes!
    Rigid suspension.
    WTF is rigid suspension?
    Carbon fibre forks.
    Is this unusual for a carbon bike?
    Weight fully assembled 8.82kg.
    58cm frame size.
    70cm / 27 inch wheel size.
    Highly unusual for a road bike!
    Suitable for 67 to 75cm (24 to 29 inch) inside leg measurements.
    Suitable for ages 18 years and over.
    Will it swear at me and has it got pictures of naked women on it?
    Kenda tyres.
    Shimano R500 rims.
    Adjustable seat height.
    Never seen a bike with one of these!
    Quick-release front wheel.
    Just don't get a puncture at the back!
    Additional features:
    Ding dong the bell (end) will be riding it, especially if he paid the previous price of £1399.99

    In other words i think grill is right. I'd rather ride something else
    hmmmmm Ding dong!
  • night_porter
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    It is possible that it could be a reasonable bike. If Argos delved into selling carbon bikes and then found that actually none of their customers were that interested in paying that much for a bike so they have discounted them to cost to get rid of them.

    Take the Triban 3 which can be bought from a non-cycle retailer and is half of the price of a similarly specced entry level branded bike, So a carbon bike from a non-cycle retailer for half price compared to an entry level carbon bike from a brand name does not look too silly does it?

    As for the mistakes in the description well that is understandable just try reading Halfords or Decathlons descriptions and you will see they are the same. 18 speed Shimano IS Sora which is a great groupset for an entry level bike, Shimano have 2 groupsets below this which people ride around on all the time without issues.

    To be honest the only people qualified to say what this bike is like is someone who has ridden one. So why not buy one and give it a go, after all you have 30 days to try it and then return it to Argos if you feel that it is not right for you. You do not even need to give a reason why you are returning it.

    I have commuted on a Carrera Vanquish for 4 years and ridden over 20,000 miles on it without any problems but you would never see a bike snob on one now would you. I see you have a Carrera too and will also appreciate their value for money.