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I currently have a set of fulcrum 7's on my road bike which I also use for triathlons. I want to upgrade the wheels without a huge budget and am considering either the planet x carbon clinchers or the fulcrum 3's. Does anyone have views on either or an alternative within the £600 budget? ?


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    Merlin cycles currently doing fulcrum racing 3's for £364.99 or racing 1's for £539.99!
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    Get a set of handbuilds. They will be lighter, stronger and easier/cheaper to repair.

    They may cost slightly more than factory (not always though) but this will depend on your weight and intended use. Even if they cost slightly more you have to consider handbuilds as an investment whereas factory wheels are disposable consumables.

    Look thru the other million threads for info/help.

    Look at the websites of justridingalong, cycleclinic & Wheelsmith for prices & info.

    All of the above is just my opinion and liable to be shot down in flames by ugo & others ;)
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    I would also recommend you go read this guys blog before venturing down the factory path http://paolocoppo.drupalgardens.com/con ... ding-wheel
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    I would get some ksyriums and a disc cover
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    Fulcrum Racing 1's are around the £600 mark. Just got some myself!
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    Although my website has crap photo's, just riding along e.t.c have nicer photo's. I will be rememdying that soonish when I get chance to build some example wheels. I just can't hold wheel that I have built for customers while I get good photo's taken, that leads to unhappy customers.

    However Fulcrum racing 1's suit some riders very well and many are happy with them. No wheel handbuilt in a shop or in a factory will last forever, eventally after enough miles the rim will wear out and after even more a spoke will go. It is enevitable. The difference is though how much they cost to repair and how much hb maintance cost. Fulcrum bearings are not cheap and not always in stock with the distributor but they do last a long while.
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