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Hi, I have a Kuota Kharma race and I am considering replacing the cable outers for both brakes and gears to a different colour. Nothing essential purely cosmetic!!

As the cables are internally routed, my only concerns are;

Routing the cables through the frame - best methods, will the outer route all the way through the frame?
Re-indexing the gears - anyone any advice on this!!

All thoughts welcome


  • sutbags
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    Hi,I used a hoover to suck a piece of wool through the frame.I blocked off all the other holes in the frame and taped a drinking straw to the end of the hoover.I placed the wool in one end and stuck the straw in the other and the hoover sucked it through.I then tied the wool to my cable and pulled it through.I don't know how it is done with internal cable housing as my frame doesn't have any.The Park Tool website can show you how to reset your gears.
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    The best way is remove your existing inners and put new inners in back wards. Then remove the outer leaving the inners in place. Slide new outer of the backwards inner and remove the inner and re insert the right way round.

    This is the way I the gear cables and outer on a Argon 18 E-something or other last week and it was the only way it could be done. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    That's great guy''s, I'll give it a bash !!!