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Need a new derailleur (megarange)

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Hi first time here.

I am a complete noob when it comes to cycling parts and how they work so ill try my very hardest to explain,

My rear derailleur is broke, a few years ago it hit a tree, and I need a new one, the rear cassette is shimano super low megarange 13-34t and all the derailleur says is shimano tourney megarange... heres a link of the picture!1404&authkey=!AIr22ESufBN_-Es Im pretty sure its a 7 speed

the bike is really old,kinda hold it dear to my heart, but want to get back into riding and have recently lost my job so have about £100 to try to fix this bike, what I want to know is how do I know im buying the right derailleur? i mean would this work

just looking for cheap ways to fix this, theres other things wrong but this is the main problem and could prove the most costly.

Thank you



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  • So do I have to go for that model or will all shimano tourney 7 speed derailleurs work? only really trying to keep the price least for the moment,

    they have a tx31 and it says megarange, yet when I look on ebay I cant see anything regarding megarange, just dont want to buy the wrong one and not work.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Maybe. Mechs have a range which should be in the ad. (big ring minus small ring plus big cog minus small cog) and the fixings need to be the same. The old one in your pic fits on a hanger. Some have a little claw thing instead which won't work.
    Speed doesn't matter. Any Shimano 7, 8 or 9 speed has the same cable pull.
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  • Thanks for the reply! Ill have another look on ebay then and get a few bits.
  • I just went down bike-it in radstock

    they said

    £15 for the derailleur
    £16.99 for the chain
    £15 for the cables as they all need replacing
    £5 for back brakes
    £20 for labour

    so £71.99 to get my bike fixed, seems quite reasonable, but does anyone think I can cut corners to bring the price down, for example, buy it all on ebay, as Ive seen some derailleurs for £8.99 that I think my reading would fit mine I can afford around £100 but the cheaper the better
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Slightly steep
    Mech seems ok but yeah probably a tenner if you look around.
    KMC chain - about £7 on Ebay.
    Cables ok if that's gear and brake, as long as it's inners and outers and stainless, not gavanised. Maybe £12.
    Presumably you mean pads? About £3 for V pads.
    So about £40/£45 DIY.
    Not outrageous for a bike shop though by any means.
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  • *AJ**AJ* Posts: 1,080
    If you have a lack of knowledge then the £20 labour isn't bad at all for that work!

    You could get the parts cheaper but end up screwing it up and paying the bike shop more to get it right again! So if you're not confident then get it to the shop! If you are confident then you can save the £20, parts price doesn't seem bad either really! You could get it off eBay for a few quid cheaper, but why not support your local shop, they clearly aren't just rip off merchants, and you have somewhere to go back to of something breaks.....
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