SRAM XX1 1x11 gearing

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Is any manufacturer doing a road bike with SRAM's XX1 set up? I live on the west coast of Scotland and we have plenty of hills where I could use a 42 biggest sprocket!


  • ddraver
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    Really Doubt it.

    There is nothing to stop you putting an MTB Groupset on a flat bar road bike though (although the BB might prove tricky). XX1 is pretty dear though! I don't think that the shifters and the mechs would work together teither

    To be honest mate, there are much simpler and cheaper ways of lowering your gearing
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  • jezzpalmer
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    That ratio split on a roadbike would be hellish.

    The missus wanted some easier gears so we bought a Shimano XT MBT derailleur and an 11-36 which would work with a double/compact (unlike the 1 x 11), but never fitted it.