Carbon Frame Involved in Road Accident

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Hi all, I got into cycling a couple of years ago, and recently invested some of my hard earned cash by upgrading my second hand Giant SCR3 to a carbon framed Specialized Tarmac. 3 weeks later and an old woman kindly took me out halfway round a roundabout - I woke up 30 mins later in an ambulance.
I'm still in one piece thankfully - but I'm wondering what peoples thoughts are regarding the bike? Two bike shops have officially written the bike off (as they tend to do), but interestingly they both unofficially quoted me for patching it back up (about £100 in each case). The bike did fare a lot better than I did in the accident, everything looks straight and true on the frame with no cloudy discoloration to hint at hidden damage. I'm considering patching it up, and maybe keeping on riding it, whilst checking for any signs of weakness after every ride. Is this stupid? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Did you continue riding the bike? Did you regret doing so? All thoughts and advice greatfully received. Many thanks. Andy. #stichedbatteredandbruised.


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    If the accident was not your fault take it the bike is a write off and replace it with the insurance payment you will get.
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    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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    Why take the risk that you could have a catastrophic failure down the line if someone elses insurance can remove that possibility.
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    The thing that will always hurt alot is catastrophic mechanical failure. Just picture in your mind the worst thing that might happen.