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Afternoon. Bit of a rant!

Just got home - all happy as I knew my "new" bike had been delivered. (ex-display described in as new condition)
Open the box and to my disappointment, one of the Ultegra 6700 levers has been snapped. Can't even see the other part in the box at all.

What is the likeliness the seller / eBay are going to act upon this.

I'd taken a shot of the snapped lever and attached it to a resolution centre case with eBay.

New lever @ ChainReactionCycles - £125
Delivery - £?
New Bartape - £12
Fitting / Setting up @ a LBS - £30 approx as quoted by my LBS.

Would it be unreasonable to ask for £170-£180 refunded costs to rectify this?
I don't particularly wan't to go through the hassle of having to send the bike back - especially if it involves any cost of my own.
(Any buyers protection from this? - unfair I'm out of pocket for an item at all imo!)



EDIT: something I've noticed in the shots on eBay the brake levers are covered by bubble wrapping.
Upon unpacking the bike - there was no bubblewrap at all. Either mucked about in transit, or the seller knew what he was up to. :(
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    Re read the add and make sure it's definitely not mentioned in the description, if it isn't then I don't see why you can't ask for money for the repair
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    "2012 Cannondale SuperSix 3 carbon, road bicycle with Shimano Ultegra 6700 Groupset. This bike is red white and black and is an ex-display bicycle. This bike has 54cm frame, and has a small chip in paintwork shown in last pic. Bike will come with upgraded brand new 2013 Mavic Kysrium Equipe S Road wheels.

    Grab a bargain!!

    All questions are welcomed. Cheap postage and collection welcomed."

    Definitely not a "Snapped rear lever" included.
    Gah. Hoping for a quick resolution!
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    Have you actually contacted the seller to give them a chance to sort it out or did you go straight to opening a dispute?
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    Clicked Contact Seller.

    Was asked for a reason why I want to contact the seller,

    as soon as you click "item damaged / not as described"

    it opens a resolution call with the message. It's automatic when selecting to contact a seller because of this reason.
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    you may have to return the bike to the seller for a full refund if the seller won't agree to a partial refund. is he/she far from you?

    that's a real shame you got a broken bike. Super6 is a nice bike, you should be enjoying it as opposed to sorting out crap like this.

    also the whole open dispute thing is ok as the system gives seller and buyer chances to deal with issues and all is recorded by ebay so nothing wrong with that. Also the seller can action within 20 days, if that time frame has pass then you have a fall back plan of getting your money back without waiting no end for seller to respond. I think you done the right thing.
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    I've had to use the resolution centre on a couple of occasions in the past due to non-arrival of items or item not as described.

    All sorted out absolutely fine with no problems if Paypal has been used. Good luck
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    Maybe the seller picked it up all bubble wrapped and didn't know about the damage?