Light grating noise when pedalling

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Took my Madone 5.2 out for the first time this season, purchased end of last year and have only covered less than 500miles before mothballing for winter.

There is a light grating noise when pedalling and maybe pyscholigical but slipagge / apparent loss of power. I have checked for possible chain rub on the deraliler but there is clearance

A fellow rider suggested it maybe the jockey wheels requiring bit of lubricant but I'm certain it the noise comes when I apply downward pressure from the drive side crank pedal, even with the chain in the centre of the rear cog either on the large or small front crank.

The bike has had its 6 week check-up and the gear cables have been adjusted. Gear changes appear normal

Any suggestions


  • onbike 1939
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    It might be worth checking is the FD height is correct and is clearing the chain-rings in all positions. Sometimes just a fraction too low will cause the cage to foul the rings in certain combinations and it isn't too easily seen.