£ 1000 to spend. Carbon or Alluminium

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I'm keen on two bikes. Bianchie Via Nirone / Tiagre which is an aluminium frame and comes in 61cm or 63 cm frame. I'm 6' 2". Ribble Gran Fondo / Tiagre carbon frame which has a maximum 58 cm frame. Not sure why Ribble don't make a 60 cm, seems strange. I have two issues. How much better will the carbon frame feel ( i've never ridden a carbon bike). Secondly, will the 58 cm frame be to small. I'm a weekend rider, usually ride for two hours doing about 35 miles around Surrey. Mainly flat, but some short hills. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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    Personally, I'd choose the aluminum cannondale caad 10 over either of those.
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    A 58cm frame will be more than sufficient for your height in general. I have had the Ribble Gran Fondo in XL through my hands and it would have been plenty big enough for me at 6ft 1 (in fact I felt that it was too big).

    You don't really need a 60cm or above I'm sure.
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    i'd usually recommend getting the best frame you can for your price point as it is much easier to upgrade compnents over time afterwards, you are kind of stuck with the frame!

    having said that I have no experience with either of the bikes you have mentioned, but if you can stretch to it, I got an ex-display Cube Agree GTC pro for about £1200, full carbon frame and ultegra components and rides great too :) you may be able to find a couple of last years models knocking about somewhere!
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    Epic have got the Alu carbon framed Bianchi in as a special. Har carbon rear stays (as well as forks). I have an older moel of this frame as it does a cracking job of reducing road buzz. good compromise between Alu and carbon. Veloce group set too which is nice

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