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Focus Cayo 5.0 or Cube agree GTC

jonnoakjonnoak Posts: 54
edited May 2013 in Road buying advice
Looking to get a new bike after road riding for about 10 months now (got Ali frame at the moment and nothing wrong with it, just fancy a upgrade)

There's a few Cubes in the club and people seem to like them but no ones got the Focus cayo 5.0 yet which looks appealing.

Any thoughts.. Cheers



  • jonnoakjonnoak Posts: 54
    Both are £1550 in LBS then i get a club discount :)
  • iPipiPip Posts: 90
    I would buy my Agree GTC Pro again tomorrow if I was in the market. It seemed to be good value for money compared to other bikes in the same price range and it lived up to its reviews on the road. In fairness though, I don't have any experience if the Focus to compare it with.

    Cube Agree GTC Pro
    Boardman Hybrid Comp
    Voodoo Bantu
  • mr_pollmr_poll Posts: 1,547
    I have the Focus Cayo Evo 6 (one down from the 5 but the same frame and forks - i preferred the colour scheme and threw some money at the wheels) and I cannot fault it. Feels great but in all honesty I dont have much to compare it to apart from an ill fitting alu bike. However the Cayo Evo 4 made the top 5 bikes of the year on this website and they raved about the frame (which the whole range shares) .

    Guess you have to go for the one that floats your boat.
  • sarm34sarm34 Posts: 182
    the cube , no question about it
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