Campag 11 speed front mech advice needed

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Had "a mechanical" on Saturday and think I may need a new front mech although it could be the hanger(£14.99) or both.
Anyway, is it possible to convert a band on front mech to become a braze on ?
I know it can be done the other way round but reason I ask is that there seems to be more cheap Chorus band on front mechs than braze on ones.
Currently have Chorus 11spd braze on which looks like it may be £65 to replace, although I have seen some band on ones for £49.Other option is to go Athena. Seen one of these for £19.99 inc p&p but it's silver or a black one for £28( it's just the clamp part, the cage is still silver). Would there be any discernible difference between a Chorus and Athena front mech other than weight and appearance ?
Can almost justify £49 for a front mech but Athena silver is just so much cheaper.
What should I do ?

Edit - Perhaps I could use the cage and other bits form my existing chorus mech with the silver Athena one ?
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  • Velonutter
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    Engineering wise you could possibly drill out the rivet and tap a thread in, but I wouldn't trust it.

    You could interchange with the old 10s and down but 11s I think they riveted it to annoy us!
  • galatzo
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    Hmmm.... so I just need to decide if I need 65quids worth of chorus to match or can I live with non series in silver ?
    Feel my inner tart will rule here..... fingers crossed its just the hanger.
    25th August 2013 12hrs 37mins 52.3 seconds 238km 5500mtrs FYRM Never again.