J&L Garmin edge mount

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hello spotted some of these on ebay, and they look like a chaper alternative to a k edge mount, i was just wandering if anybody has any experience of these before i get one. ill be using it with a edge 800 just for when im doing time trails,

any help appreciated


  • d87francis
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    I'm deciding between the two, but reckon I shall go with the k-edge as it puts the garmin aerodynamically in line with the handlebars, whereas the J&L one puts the garmin above the bars. It's a bit more but looks like a much nicer product.

    Interested to see if anyone has tried both.
  • charlie_potatoes
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    To my eyes it looks poor quality. I have got the Garmin version and the SRAM.
    The Garmin version, like the K edge, puts the Garmin in line with the stem/bars but is expensive (£30ish)
    The Sram version has the unit sitting slightly above the stem/bars. It works fine and is a reasonable quality and only £15 delivered from UK sellers.

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  • Bought the J&L one a few weeks back and it was snapped on arrival, guy has been decent with a replacement en route. Meanwhile coughed up for the k-edge and the quality is night and day. The J&L will go on the turbo bike but in future couldnt see past the k-edge.