Ground anchor for garage

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Hope I have posted this in the right section, I am looking for some advice as to whether you use a ground anchor/wall anchor in your garage to secure your pride and joy? Any advice welcome

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  • gsk82
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    I bought a sterling anchor not long ago and bolted it to the wall. It was about £13 and along with a £70 abus gold secure lock massively improves my confidence in it not getting knicked.
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  • wilkidj
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    Got a ground anchor for about £30 including a lock (Bronze sold secure).
    Can't remember who from, but there seems plenty of choice.

    Thought it was overkill until some tealeaf broke into the garage and tried to cut through the anchor with some 12 inch bolt croppers (I know this because he left them behind when he was disturbed). Suffice to say he failed!

    Just one thought - I was told to put the anchor into a cement floor if you can (I could).

    I use the one anchor for three bikes now - just bought an extra padlock and chain when I got another bike!
  • canny_lad
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    I got an Oxford anchor & chain off ebay for £48 and fitted the anchor to the wall. Comes with ball bearings to hammer into the allen heads of the bolts so should be hard to get it off the wall.

    Remember to move your angle grinder if you've got one, as that's the only way they'll get through a decent chain.
  • sungod
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    i keep mine in a locked but shared storage room, they let me fit an anchor and mount

    so i fitted a wall mount like this... ... egoryID=87 the right height so that it doubles as a workstand, making it easy to clean/service the bike while standing up, there's a lot of leverage so you need to use proper deep anchor bolts, not the supplied screws+plugs

    then fitted an anchor on the wall at the correct position to allow me to put a motorbike d-lock through the anchor and rear triangle, the wall really needs to be concrete/brick... ... nd-anchor/

    for a garage, might be worth fitting an alarm too
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