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Hi All. I have two bikes a winter bike rocking some Tiagra STIs and Tektro callipers and a summer bike with 105 levers and callipers

I'm doing a coast to coast on my winter bike in a couple of weeks and I was thinking of putting my much better 105 callipers on it and upgrading my summer bike to Ultegra. My questions are will the 105 callipers work with the Tiagra levers (winter bike) and would some Ultegra callipers work with my 105 levers (summer bike)?


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    Just get better pads. Swissstop GXP will do the trick.
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  • Yeah I've changed the pads in the Tektro to Swisstop already and the improvement was ten fold but they still don't have a patch on the 105's I've got on my summer bike
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    It will all work just fine!
  • It doesn't matter what model version of each calliper/lever is? ie they don't need to match 6700
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    The difference in brake performance could be due to the wheel brake track too. Do you have different wheels on the tektro caliper bike?

    If you have the same pads and wheels then you can compare.
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