Can't remove undo my pedal

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So I have flat metal pedals on my road bike

Borrowed pedal wrench and no luck
Really want to get my spd sl pedals on

Any advice?
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  • seanoconn
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    Silly question but are you trying to turn in the right direction? Pedals are threaded in the opposite direction to the norm.
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  • Pedals or 9/16 UNF right hand and left hand threads the right hand threaded on is fitted to the right and the left to the left hand cranks so starting with the basics are you aware of this and turning the spanner the right way, If that is all good put the bike outside and then go and boil a full kettle of water, not for tea but to pour onto the alloy crank around the pedal axle and while it is hot try and undo if it starts to move and is stiff stop spray with release oil, let it cool and reheat with another kettle of boiling water and try to undo again if it turns easily remove if still tight repeat the heating and release oil.

  • p1tse
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    I'm sure I'm definitely turning right way after some YouTube and googling, but it just won't budge!
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  • jermas
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    Shift the chain on to the big ring-this stops you impaling your knuckles on the chainring. It's a good idea to wear gloves too.
    If the pedal axle happens to be in the right place, you can get more force on the spanner if you run it along side the crank arm (you can squeeze the spanner and crank arm together with two hands).
  • p1tse
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    Got to say I gave it another go and still no luck

    I'm not keen on the boiling water idea with the expansion and cool down and force on it. Probably be fine just not keen.

    So taking bike to bike shop I got it from (larger chain) which I'm not holding my breath on them being helpful, but this will be the test and may changed opinion
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  • agent nomad
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    If you or someone else just forces it when it is that tight you or they will rip the threads out of the crank, then you need a new chain set, Boiling water is going to be 95 deg at best when you pour it on the crank and will expand the alloy quicker than the steel at first but as it all warms up the expansion of the steel catches up, the reason for the hot try and cool down if it is still tight.

    At work we have used boiling oil to expand components for an interference fit with alloy and steel and oil will go up to 350 deg not long after that you end up with a fire.

    When you have it apart put some anti seize grease on the threads.

    Paul. PM me for my mobile if you are still unsure, 99% the above will work.
  • p1tse
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    Cornered a mechanic at local bike shop in their workshop area
    He managed to change and remove with a bigger wrench but still required some force

    Looking forward to learning to use the SPd sl system
    Have the shimano 105 pedals
    Wanted: Cube Streamer/Agree GTC Compact / Pro/ Race : 53cm