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Hi all,

I'm new to all this time trialling and loving it! Basically I'm a bit stumped. I am a member of a club in croydon but spend a lot of the week in the midlands. My croydon club is my first claim club and my midlands club is my second claim club. I only have the kit of my first claim club. I'm taking part in my 2nd claims club 10 tonight. Do I wear my first claim club kit or do I wear blank clothing. I'm just not sure on the etiquette etc. Sorry if I sound daft just a bit confused on whats best to do.

Thanks :)


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    I think the 1st/2nd claim rules only apply to open events, so basically wear whatever you like ;)
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    I would not want anything with Nuneaton on it anyway :-)
    Yellow is the new Black.