MTB rear mech on road bike

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I have an old Giant Speeder road bike (early 90's I think), its got Shimano Exage 400ex downtube shifters specifically friction shifter for the front mech (Biopace double) and a index rear downtube shifter 7 speed. The rear freewheel is a shimano screw on 14-28.

My current rear mech (400ex) has finally given up the ghost so I need to replace with a suitable 7 speed rear mech, I have seen a few options. I have seen a new Shimano Altus rear mech , its cheap and most people suggest the Altus is a perfectly functional rear mech: ... 484e89bb83

The description states for use with 28-34 tooth sprockets, its also specifically designed for 7/8 speed setups so I am thinking it should be fine.

I have tried looking for like for like replacements but they all seem as bad as mine, The modern stuff like Sora or Tiagra only seem to be designed for 9speed + so I don't think they will be suitable.

With an Altus 7/8 speed MTB rear mech work with my old road bike ?


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    any shimano rear mech. as it is not indexed it does not matter.

    if it was indexed then any shimano rear mech except for the new MTB 10spd ones.
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    any shimano one will fit

    look for a short cage version so it does not stick out

    and check microshift mech's, shimano compatible (usually an older design) and cheaper than getting a new LX rear mech or summit
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    Thanks for all the info, I will get myself a new mech then. Cheers