Arghhhhhhh which one????????

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Im looking at the follwoing bikes (would be used for road / crit racing as well as TT / duathlons) as my new bike but am torn which to go for, pluss's and minus's for each one. Could anyone offer me some advice? or even other alternatives to consider?

Merida REACTO 907

Planet X N2A SRAM Red Carbon Road Bike

Moda Stretto 2013 Road Bike

Cube Agree GTC Di2 SLT Road Bike 2013




  • goonz
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    Last one for me.
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  • Moda..

    reason? i've tried all other makes and don't really think others offer a very intuitive ride quality.
    I'm not smitten on components but on your budget i'd really aim for a sram force gruppo paired with a good frameset.
    Cube in my opinion offers very nervous handling (perhaps better for smaller riders, which I'm not) and is not very stiff. I know I always give the same advise but please ride before you buy and don't choose on spec but rather on feel.

    good luck and make a good lasting choice!
  • saprkzz
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    Moda, without a question.. love em. Have raced the stretto and its fast, have done sportives on it and its comfortable, training rides / on the turbo / in the winter no problem. 100 mile rides easy!! in fact the stretto is so good I have two!! :lol::lol:
  • wills1880
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    I should be saying the Cube as I have one and love it BUT........that moda looks amazing!!

    Moda for me :cry:
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    The Moda is really very good. It also comes with a reasonable wheelset (rrp £600) that although factory produced are effectively hand builts, using j spokes and with all parts available for repairs at sensible money.

    The Moda certainly represents the best value based on the specs and the 3 people I know with Moda's all rate the Stretto very highly. The frame is supposed to be very good.
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    If it was my money I'd go for the Merida.
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  • on-yer-bike
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    The one you like the look of. Which for me would be the Moda. However, non of them have Campag, so non of them.
  • JonRB
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    thanks guys
  • bmxboy10
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    Moda all day long - great frame, groupset and wheels - you rarely get all three at that price point but also note that Moda will build you a bike to your spec so if you want Campag you can have it!
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    BTW not sure where you are located but my LBS in Surrey who is a Moda dealer will almost certainly do you a discount on the retail price. PM me if you want the shop details. :wink:
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    Which one did you get as I'm looking at the reacto or the mods?