Paint Repair

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As a newbie I made a school boy error! Loading my brand new £1K road bike into the back of the car with the handle bars turned to the right and aided by the motion of driving, a nut on the front brake assembly has made it's mark through the power coat on the main tube :oops:. The two small dings, akin to a vampire bite go through the top red coat and the white coat underneath. I have an Aluxx frame so I'm not worried about corrosion, but would like to touch it up so it's not as unsightly.

Are there any well trodden methods for this type of repair? I know it wont be perfect, but hopefully you wont notice it unless you go looking for it.


  • A really good body work guy once told me the best thing for applying touch up paint to small areas like that was a cocktail stick (instead of a brush) - I've done it that way a few times (cars and bikes) and always found it much easier to get a tiny drop of paint just where it was needed with the stick than touch up brush.