Tell me why (I don't hate Mondays)

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Just realised that I don't hate Mondays any more - it means I can get back on my bike after a 2 day rest/family commitments.

Previously (and I mean all the way back to my school days some 20-something years ago) Sunday evenings held nothing but that grey feeling of impending doom. That is, until I started cycling to work. These days, the gloom has been replaced by excited anticipation of Monday morning's ride. Yes its only half an hour or so, yes it might rain or be windy, yes I might forget to pack clean socks and undies (again). But I'll be back on the bike, burning off enough calories to justify the occasional bacon butty breakfast or afternoon cake, or maybe a nice cold beer or two when I get home. I'll be feeling the (sometimes) fresh air on my face, and I'll be trying to improve my PBs on the four or five Strava segments and chasing that elusive KOM that I have no chance of claiming but if I can just shave a few more seconds of that hill....

Anyway, for a normally pessimistic, miserable old git, I just thought I'd share that realisation and a rare slice of positivity!
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    +1... Usually.

    Today I was in the car as I had a parent's evening after work which was too far to get to on the bike.

    Missed the commute, especially as this time of year is the best...