Lightest Alu bike 2012/13 Circa £1500

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Mate is after a new bike and he wants an Aluminium frame. What he is asking is, what is the lightest frame on the market right now? He has a budget of around a grand and a half so not really after anything more than 105 groupset I would have thought. i.e - not uber light SRAM or Dura Ace. I know Canyons are pretty light along with Cannondale CAAD 10's. Has anyone got any other ideas?

Would be good if you can give a weight estimate too. Anything less than 8.5kg is what he is looking for


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    Rose Pro-RS claims 7.65kg and Ultegra for less than £1300 :shock:
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    My 54" CAAD10 Ultegra weighs in at exactly 8kg with two bottle cages and pedals.

    I guess if you take those off that would make up for the weight difference between the groupsets so that's still an 8kg bike on paper (as they are all quoted minus pedals etc).
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