Specialized ALLEZ 2009

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Looking to buy my son his first road bike and have seen a Specialized Allez 2009 for £200. Is this a good price or is there anything else I should be looking at?



  • Bobbinogs
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    The Allez is a very good bike and will suit a wide range of riders from those starting out to those racing at a decent level. However, the spec varies through the range so you would need to bear in mind the actual model (Elite?, etc.), the condition and the current equipment level (as in, are the wheels still the stock ones supplied or has someone stuck Aksiums on, etc.).
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    Probably a bit overpriced unless mint in my opinion. This is based on the fact that the basic allez could be hand brand new for £450 towards the end of last year and the year before, so would expect you could pick one of those up now for around £250-£300 which would likely have a better frame.
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    If it doesn't need any work and you don't want to throw money at upgrading, snap it up.
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    Around that price New these are hard to better.

    http://www.decathlon.co.uk/triban-3-red ... 74036.html
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    Just bought a 2009 Allez for £200.00 yesterday and it is minted, will do nicely for now. 8)
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