Insurance if "bike-jacked"?

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My road bike cost me £1000 and I'm considering taking out theft insurance. However, I never lock it up because I never leave it anywhere. Basically, if it's out of the house then I'm riding it.

My question is this: if I'm riding my bike and I'm pushed off it at some traffic lights, for instance, or "ambushed" by a group, do most policies cover this?



  • sungod
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    you need to read the policy terms

    i've got the old m&s policy (no longer available i think), it covers loss or damage anywhere in the world while temporarily away from home, with very few exclusions, it'd certainly cover theft as you describe it
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  • Need to check the policy details like súndog said. Motor insurance policies usually have disclaimers for gun or terrorist related damage aswell as acts of god. Insurance companies will try anything, and look for any tiny little detail to get out of doing their part of the deal. They are cúnts for doing it and you need to be careful with em. This is why I never bother with insurance unless absolutely essential.