Better brake calipers than Tektro on Boardman Team Carbon

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Wanted to upgrade the brake calipers on Boardman Team Carbon 2010.
Existing calipers are Tektro R50 which are rubbish.

Thoughts on upgrading to
Sram Apex calipers £45 pair
Shimano 105 calipers £70 pair
Shimano Ultegra £90 pair.

Don't know which ones to choose or is better value. Existing groupset is Sram Rival throughout bike. Not too concerned about the weight saving over a few grams, just wanted effective brakes. Will be using Koolstop pads as I've heard they are good.

Or are there any other calipers I should be considering? Maybe Planet-X might have some good value products but not sure if they are effective. Would like to keep spend <£70 if possible.


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    I have 2013 Ultegras on my bike and they don't brake any better than my old Tektros did with uprated pads. The Tektro callipers on the 2010 Team Carbon really are fine once you ditch the standard pads.

    A set of Koolstops will transform them for £20.
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    Calipers are calipers. Just buy a set of Koolstop or Swissstop pads and you'll notice a big improvement.
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    ronny123 wrote:
    Calipers are calipers. Just buy a set of Koolstop or Swissstop pads and you'll notice a big improvement.

    I'd go along with this to a point. Pads & set up are the main things & the pads that come with your brakes are really very bad. I'd get Koolstop or Swisstop myself but even Clarkes would be noticeable improvement.

    Try the pads 1st and if you still think you need new brakes then get some (SRAM Force from Merlin Cycles?) but keep the pads you've just bought as spares & sell the old calipers!

    No need to get new brakes really.
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    The Tektro brakes on my bike when from crap to good just by upgrading the pads. Buying new calipers just doesn't seem to be worth the money.
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    I cant see its the calipers.

    Are the blocks worn ? Are they hitting the rim right ?
    Does the cable need retensioning ?
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    That the OP is probably still using the same pads after 3 years is probably indication enough that they offer no friction... as they are not wearing out.
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    Same here. Just replace the pads with koolstop or swissstop. Plenty enough braking power to send you nicely over the handlebars.
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    I have a SRAM Rival Team Carbon and replacing the pads makes a world of difference, Koolstop Salmon for me.

    Although my bike has Tektro R740, i got it 2nd hand and i think the previous owner upgraded from the R540's or whatever they were. Think the R540 are single pivot on the front or rear, the R740 are dual pivot all round. Wont make much difference though, pad upgrade is the way to go.
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  • Agree with the comments about b/block change, I changed mine to koolstop after a fright & the difference was very noticeable. Buy new blocks (using the old shoes) & try them, if you consider they are not much better keep the new blocks for the future & get new calipers, it's a win/win situation