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Oakley Jawbone prescription lens HELP

alan_aalan_a Posts: 1,507
edited August 2013 in Road buying advice
I've had a pair of Oakley Jawbones with transition lenses for 2.5 years. My prescription has changed and I need a new pair of lenses. Local opticians want to charge me £310 for new lenses!!!!

I've went to 3 local opticians and each has said that the lenses can only be made by Oakley in USA. Does anyone know of any optometrist who will make suitable replacement lenses up for much much cheaper?


  • mitchgixer6mitchgixer6 Posts: 729
    Mate, do what I did and buy up a cheap pair of 'normal' glasses online. Also buy a pair of 'normal' Jawbones (or whatever glasses you fancy). Once you have them both take the lenses out the glasses then blu-tak them into your sunnies that you bought. Job done!

    Honestly, I have pair of Radars and did this with them. Not fallen out yet, although that might change if I have an off, but then there's a chance your £310 Oakleys would get damaged in a crash too.
  • alan_aalan_a Posts: 1,507
    Thanks for the advice but I think not.

    My jawbones have survived 1 bike crash and many a skiing crash. I'm looking for a blutac free option.
  • djsoftwaredjsoftware Posts: 199
    I'd recommend Cilary Blue an online lense firm who I have used numerous times. I got transition lenses for my jawbones for about £85 and cannot fault them. I have quite a high prescription on one eye but the lense still fits, give them a call and have a chat.
  • alan_aalan_a Posts: 1,507
    Cheers djsoftware. New lenses ordered for less than 1/3 of the price quoted by local opticians.

    I owe you a whisky.
  • djsoftwaredjsoftware Posts: 199
    Great news - glad to help !
  • dawebbodawebbo Posts: 456
    If I understand correctly these are their own lenses that fit Oakley frames, rather than official Oakley lenses?
  • djsoftwaredjsoftware Posts: 199
    Yes that's correct they are not official Oakley lenses
  • dawebbodawebbo Posts: 456
    Ok thanks for confirming. I'm sure my eyes are getting worse, so expect I'll need to replace my oakleys soon. Good to know what options there are - as I really like the frames so wouldn't want to change from those.
  • mitchgixer6mitchgixer6 Posts: 729
    Alan A wrote:
    Thanks for the advice but I think not.

    My jawbones have survived 1 bike crash and many a skiing crash. I'm looking for a blutac free option.

    Your money mate, but even at 1/3rd of the price quoted originally that's still a lot of money.

    You may well scoff at me using Blu-Tak, but hey, it works, and you could have had the much better genuine Oakley lens for similar money to what you've paid for a 'standard' lens. :roll:
  • roadieseanroadiesean Posts: 577
    I read this thread when I bought my Jawbones and have just bought prescription lenses through Ciliary Blue thanks to the above recommendation. They arrived today and they are extraordinarily good, polarized with blue mirror lenses for £90, they are perfect, the company is really helpful and I am absolutely chuffed. And, no, I have nothing to do with the company, just a very satisfied customer and thought I should stick in my 5 penneth, they are better in every way than the Oakley lenses (which scratch like buggery) other than the point that they can't supply vented lenses which would have made them 110%.

    Outstanding service and what an outcome.

  • schweizschweiz Posts: 1,644
    For those of you who have experience of Cillary Blue, were your presecription within or outside of the range offered by Oakley?

    The reason I ask is that my prescription is outside what Oakley offer but I have some jawbones from I didn't notice at the time but the frames have been dremmeled (is that a word!?)to fit the lenses in. It's not a big problem for me but it did mean that when I got some different frames for skiing (I wanted the glasses to match my ski jacket - yes I'm a tart) I had to modify the frames myself. If Ciliary Blue can produce lenses to my prescription to fit in unmodified frames, I'll be on to them next time I need a new prescription (and fancy a new frame colour :D)
  • djsoftwaredjsoftware Posts: 199
    Not sure of the Oakley ranges but my max prescription was +3.0 so this lense is slightly thicker but has a thinner edge around it so fits the frames just the same. The reason I originally went to Cillary Blue was price and I had already used them many times before.
  • Watch out for Ciliary Blue. Not half as good as expected. Used them three times now.

    1. Chipped my frame slightly. Only noticed days later.
    2. Were meant to refurb the frame and didn't. Prompt refund mind so that was not too bad.
    3. Took the cash and days later still no box from them to mail my glasses to them. Slow service, much more so than 1 and 2.

    I'll be going elsewhere next time. Problem is they are quite cheap and the alternatives less well established.
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