What sized handlebar on a 54 CAAD 10?

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Have a 54 Caad 10 and wondering what sized bars they are as after same sized bars for my other bike to match set up. Have measured but with thick bar tape not clear how wide, also not sure where measuring from?

Any help appreciated!


  • Probably 42 c-c
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • vespario
    vespario Posts: 228
  • Sprool
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    they are supposed to match the width of your shoulders, but whatever feels most comfortable to you
  • vespario
    vespario Posts: 228
    Will get mrs to measure my shoulders!
  • paulmon
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    I have a set in the garage that I swapped out a couple of weeks ago. Pretty certain they are 42. My frame is a 52.