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I dislocated and broke my wrist (distal radius fracture) on the 1st April 13, It was re-set and casted up on the day by a very efficient Austrian doc. Had an operation on the 10th April (plates and 13 pins) the operation went well, no more cast needed and mobility is quickly returning but there are still pain issues and the obvious lack of strength in the wrist. I’m signed up for Megavalanche in July and very keen to get back on my bike and continue training for the race. Can anyone recommend a suitable wrist support? I’m currently looking at three but want to make sure I get the best one there is.



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    Distal radius back in December. I was back on the bike sometime in Jan and used one of these : ... elID=47034

    Seemed to do the job (along with co-codamol)for the first few rides, but what I found was that it was quite quick to get Ok for riding, but took a fair bit longer to get back to full strength and to get my head sorted out so I wasn't worrying about it all the time.
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    I used gripper bandage (the stretchy bandage with rubber in so it sticks to itself ) or strapping tape. Less cumbersome than a brace and you'll be surprised at how much support it provides.

    Tried a couple of the 661 wrist braces and found the a faff and too restricting to get a comfortable / natural position on the bars