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Hi guys
Can anyone help I've got an annoying click while pedalling on my road bike it doesn't happen all the time, sometimes when I'm starting off and sometimes after a few miles. Also occasionally my pedals jerk forward as if chain has slipped, again it doesn't do it all the time and only does it in low gears. I've read many things like get new pedals ,bottom bracket service etc but the bike is only 3months old . Someone surely must have had the same problems? the bike is a giant defy 5 thanks in advance......


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    probably the rear mech may need adjusting, aka indexing

    with new bikes, or old bikes with new cables/outers, it can take a while for the outers, ferrules etc. to fully seat, so after a few rides the cable tension drops a bit

    see here for how to adjust, only takes a few seconds...

    ...scroll down to the section "Checking the Rear Indexing Adjustment"
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