Fulcrum wheels

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Can anyone tell me where Fulcrum Racing Quattros fit into the hierarchy? Is it simply that 4 is a bigger number than 3, but less than 5? If so, why go all continental with the naming?

Price wise they are the same as R3s, so I wonder what difference in spec/use there is between the two sets.

Also, as I understand they are both owned by Campagnolo and the brands share certain functions, where the Fulcrum 3's and Quattro's sit against Campag's proprietary range. I am interested in spec/usage, rather than piece here.
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  • I think they are the the replacement for the racing 4's
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    Nope the fulcrum 4 is a Specialized only wheel that came on 2012 bikes, a mix of 5 and 3 parts.

    The Quattro is like a deeper rimmed fulcrum 5. Should be able to find much cheaper than r3s.