New bike or upgrade current

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I currently own A 2011 Cannondale synapse tiagra which is great,I was gonna get some new wheels for the synapse but now im thinking use this bike as a winter hack and purchase a new summer steed instead,Im thinking high end alu bikes around a Grand but can't make my mind up :? so far iv'e looked at these-

Giant defy1
Cannondale caad8 105
Felt z85
Scott speedster cd20
Cube peloton race
Specialized allez elite or do I pick up a Carbon like one of these-

Giant defy composite 3 @£949
Ribble gran fondo

I like the geometry of my synapse so im looking for similar


  • I would go for the new wheels first. Spend £300/£400 and it would make a big difference. Your new bike will still have rubbish wheels and will have to upgrade again. Instead when you buy a new bike later you will have a spare set of wheels you can move to your 'winter' bike.
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    +1 above.

    The list you make are not really much better than what you have. Best upgrading wheels first see how you get on. Good thing with that is, even if you do buy one of the other bikes a a later date, you have a better set of wheels ready to put on instead of crappy stock wheels. i.e Cube. - Eastons!! really? Pile of sh!t that go wonky after 5 minutes.
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    Another as above - some nice summer wheels / tyres and keep the current ones with some more suitable tyres for the winter / wet rides
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    Agreed stock wheels tend to be cheese