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Mekk 2G Poggio P2.0 105 - Any body got one?

skyblueweemanskyblueweeman Posts: 9
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Still looking for my second bike (have a Giant SCR 400) and see that this Mekk is on sale on Wiggle for only £839.99. Deal?



  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,933
    I think thats a great deal. I was looking at these yesterday, not that i am in the market. I think a young girl on here got the Ultegra version recenly and was raving about it - do a search. To be honest for that money you cant go wrong but if you can stretch a bit more check out the Cinelli Saetta too - its a bargain!
  • Thanks Solboy. The Cinelli looks nice although not sure about the geometry of the top tube. I would spend more but I've got to get pedals and shoes and might also get tyre upgrades. All in all looking about a £1k budget to that would all work for me. I think my two month search might be at an end!
  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,933
    if it helps me and a guy i know have saettas so may be able to advise on fit and geo. best bike i have had by a country mile :wink:
  • jay1975jay1975 Posts: 64
    Yes I got one, fantastic value for the money, especially on offer at Wiggle.
    Its not complete 105 so a bit misleading. Im over the moon with mine
  • jonnoakjonnoak Posts: 54
    Im really tempted by one of these.. it's just the ice chain set thats putting me off. Does anyone know if I could get 105 chain set fitted and rough costs involved ? Cheers
  • jay1975jay1975 Posts: 64
    It's not a bad chainset but I just ordered an ultegra sl chainset and bottom bracket
    On offer at merlin cycles

    I got the white/green/black frame, there was no actual pic of it but took a chance and so glad I did
    It's stunning. For the money i doubt you will find better
    I'll get some pics up shortly
  • jonnoakjonnoak Posts: 54
    Have you fitted it yet ?.. think it's the only thing putting me off. Test rode a merida SCULTURA COMP 904 friday but its quite a bit more expensive but looks very similar spec.

    Wish there was a Dealer in Essex.. tempted to jump on a train to London for a test ride thou !!
  • jay1975jay1975 Posts: 64
    No it has not come back yet. I just bought the Mekk from Wiggle direct
    Let us know how you get on
  • rickeverettrickeverett Posts: 988
    Can't stress how good this bike is. Frame is excellent.. Fantastic power transfer and balance for a sportive. The original wheels and tyres are pretty standard compared to the rest of the kit but they arent bad. I upgraded both and instantly lost another half a kilo however. The bike is currently at 8.15kg for 54cm- that's with new wheels and tyres only. It would be interesting to see what a full carbon kit would get things down to but I'm not in for that myself.

    The chainset is ICE which is Mekk in-house brand .. However.. It's actually a FSA Gossamer chainset by the looks of it re branded like many no name stuff in the bike world. All 105 at the back with a very decent KMC chain and Taigra at the front with the ICE/FSA chainset. All the Ritchey kit is decent well made stuff and pretty light aluminium.

    Handling is super in and out of the saddle. It does what you want and doesn't answer back if you know what I mean. Some bikes are a bit flighty and talk back to you, some others just do dam strange things .. Not the Mekk. It's neutral and responds excellently when asked which I love.

    Some reviews point out bad brakes. I think mekk have changed them since the preview or early production models because the brakes are pretty good. Cartridge pads will be a better upgrade rather than totally new calipers.

    So there we go so far I'm really impressed and really happy. Managed to get the 2012 version from Wiggle for just £830 down from £1300. This has given me plenty to put towards some serious upgrades like wheels etc to make a fantastic bike. Wiggle have now put the price back up however. The 2013 will just be as good.

    I can see what Mekk are doing. Provide a excellent frame, decent kit and leave enough potential to upgrade in the future as well as provide best value for money. Make a impression as a new brand. It's working IMO.
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