reccomend me some gloves

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Evening, looking at gloves for the summer months. Come from mtb so use tld xc gloves. But thinking of some road specific ones. Budget would be £30 tops.

WHat are the pros of fingerless?


  • Sprool
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    They are cooler for warmer weather. I hate 'em, can never seem to rip em off my sweaty hands. I use full fingered gloves all year, some thin Specialized ones for summer, and enduro gel gloves for winter and mountain biking.
  • VTech
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    Get yourself to decathlon or sports direct. Both do great gloves in both full and fingerless for around a tenner, you don't need to spend anything like 30quid on a disposable item (by that I mean an item you won't keep for a very long time)
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  • edten
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    I always get the Spesh ones. Not too expensive, great padding and last well. I use the pro and gel versions. The padding on the lowest model tends to flatten a little quickly.
  • bmxboy10
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    cinelli team mitts for about £25 are fantastic fit and quality. padding also really good.
  • Wacky Racer
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    I used XC gloves when moving from MTB to road for a while, but I found them too sticky in the summer and a bit restrictive. I initially bought a pair of Sportful mitts which are very comfortable and cool, but the padding is too flat for me. I have just purchased a pair of Assos summer mitts for £28 reduced from £43, haven't worn them yet but they come very highly recommended, and the palms look well padded.
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