BB30 Issue

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I recently got a BB30 equipped bike (CAAD8). Went for a spin and everything seemed fine, excellent in fact. Then, whilst in big chainring-smallest cog, I noticed the chain would rub on the front mech as I put more weight on the pedals. Is this a common thing with BB30 or should I just adjust the high limit & cable tension on the mech? I don't really want to mess with it as, apart from this scenario, its working beautifully.


  • antfly
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    It's just a front mech set-up issue, nothing to do with the BB.
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  • onbike 1939
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    It does sound as if frame flex is causing this. It may be that a small adjustment of the "H" screw allowing the FD cage to move slightly out will cure this. Again, slightly more tension on the FD cable could work.
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  • Monty Dog
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    Cranks and chainrings flex far more than the frame - you just need to adjust the front mech such that it's a touch more outboard to compensate.
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