GPS.. whats the difference "follow the track" or "re-route"

Two Flat Tyres
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I've got myself a Bryton Rider 50 and when I create a route and ready to start following it I have a final option of...

"follow the track" or "re-route"

The instructions are next to useless as it doesn't explain this option so what do they mean?

I'm guessing that "follow the track" takes you only on the route you have created and is strict in keeping you to that route i.e. makes you turn around to follow the full route...

Where as re-route calculates the route of you go of course and keeps you heading to the next way point.

Any help... advice or guess would be gratefully appreciated guys.


  • de_sisti
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    Try reading this article. It has a lot of useful information.
  • Thanks for that De Sisti,

    So I was completely wrong. I should be selecting "follow track" so that I'm following lots of way points instead of the couple I created to produce a route.
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    I couldn't get along with the re-route option when going out with my Garmin as I found to prefer to be told when off track so I can make my way back to the route I specifically mapped to do. WIth the re-route option, you may find your ride being wholly modified right up to the end of your route if you go off track.