Stem conversion for old bike?

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I am posting again about my Cannondale R500 with another question:

Shall I buy a 1" stem that from what I saw will cost around £50 from what I've seen or shall I buy a 1 1/8" stem converter for it and buy a £20 stem?

(As an update; the stem + slip-nut was removed last time with a 2 foot steel bar, a blowtorch, hacksaw and a 2lb hammer. Even then it was a struggle)

The issue I am worrying about is that the converter is going to weigh the bike down and as it is going to end up a heavy bike for it's spec. It does mean though I have an easier job of attaching the bars. The other option is that I spend the larger amount on making the bike look better and keeping the weight down.

Opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :mrgreen:
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    Lots of vintage 1 inch stems for little money here: ... tage_stems
  • I run a converter in my 1" thick steel frame with a modern ahead stem of 110mm.
    I think It fits better with the 'updated' look of my bike but must say most of the time the opposite is true.
    The converter and forged 110 mm alloy stem actually weigh less than the Nitto 1" stem I pulled out.
    I changed it (once to 80mm) because I needed a shorter reach, but that was a shocking 8 years ago!
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    if you stay true to the bike and go for 1" - just a thought try retrobike....plenty of guys shifting some really nice vintage stuff.