Mixing and matching tyres (28", 27", 700c)

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I was hoping to clear something up. It's got my head cabbaged.

What fits what on different road wheels?
As I understand it, a 28" tyre fits 700c wheels and vice versa, a 27" tyre wo'nt fit a 700c rim. A 700c inner tube will fit a 27" wheel (i'm guessng probably a 28" wheel too).
Can you put 27" and 28" inner tubes in a 700c tyre and rim?
Would a 700c tyre fit on a 27" wheel? - guess not if it fits a 28"

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    Put 27" tubes and tyres onto 27" wheels and 700c tubes and tyres onto 700c and 28" wheels.

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
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    Ok thanks, that makes sense.

    I have put 700c inner tubes in 27" tyres before and it worked fine so I guess that's where i'm confusing myself!
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    As long as the tyre and rim are 622 ERTO (aka 700c, 28" and 29er) then you'll be OK provided they're matched for width, but 27" tyres and 700c rims (or vice-versa) simply won't work.
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    Try Sheldon for an explanation of the different standards/naming systems