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Lake district route queries

delatierradelatierra Posts: 11
edited April 2013 in Routes
I'm planning my route for my up-coming ride.
I'd like to go from Wast water through Copeland forest following Nether Beck along the bridleway over to Ennerdale Water.
Is this route suitable for a hybrid? Where can I find info. about the gradient and expected cycling times? I have OS Explorer maps.
Next is from Ennerdale to Buttermere along Bridleway through Ennerdale Forest down Buttermere Fell.
Then from Buttermere folowing a bridleway to Croasdale.
Are there any websites or specific cycling maps for this area?



  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
    No specific maps as such.
    The first route might be OK on a Hybrid.The 2nd mmm not sure I would.
    You say you have explorer maps,can you read them?If so you can work out the gradient by studying the contour lines.
    If doing Scarth Gap pass from Ennerdale Forest to Buttermere then the BW from Buttermere to Whins expect lot's of pushing/carrying.
    Ride times will depend on fitness/weather/conditions/breakdowns etc.
  • maringirlmaringirl Posts: 195
    You will be carrying most bikes, let alone a hybrid if you take the Nether Beck route. It is very rough going and steep in parts on Wasdale side and then once over the Haycock/Scoat fell col it is rough heatehr and stone and very steep at bottom end. Scarth gap might be passable on an mtb. Croasdale route is very wet and boggy at best of times and very rough. There are better routes to try and cycle in the Lakes - and more enjoyable unless you are a masochist!
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