Recommend Me some Flat-Top Bars !!

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As above chaps really.

If you use Flat-Tops and really really like them, please tell me what make etc, so i can check um out.

Ta very mucho.

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  • bmxboy10
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    cinelli neo morphe are meant to be the nuts. FSA K Wings are also good i have heard.
  • amaferanga
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    I have some Planet X wing bars, but I don't see the advantage of them unless you spend a lot of time sat up riding on the tops. I always figured they were popular just for the look.
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  • majormantra
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    3T Ergonovas? I was quite keen on them for a while but these days I actually prefer a round bar like the Ergosum.
  • jameses
    jameses Posts: 653
    3T argonovas are great, although a bit on the weighty side. I've just built up a bike with 3T biomorphe, which are the same shape as the cinelli neo morphe bars, and they're very comfortable with wide, flat sections everywhere you naturally rest your palms (not just on the tops).
  • thegreatdivide
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    I run FSA SL-K’s on one bike. These have very flat tops and shallow drops. Really comfortable. I also run Ritchey EvoCurve bars on another bike. They’re flattish on top and curve back slightly – IMO they’re the perfect climbing bar.
  • saprkzz
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    I use the Zipp Vuka Sprint bars, they have internal cable routing, very light and very comfortable, So far very pleased with them.