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Fox DCRV Fork Volume Reducer Spacer

JohnBurtJohnBurt Posts: 94
edited April 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Anybody got any idea when this part will be available? TREK say talk to Fox (Mojo for the UK) and Mojo say talk to TREK - :evil: . Having looked at the sectional diagram of the DCRV fork I'm loathe to just use more oil on top of the piston in the air side, it looks as if it would transfer to the secondary chamber and stop its function. The expensive way is to replace the air side gubbins with a150mmm Float kit. Any more ideas.


  • JohnBurtJohnBurt Posts: 94
    Done some digging but still can't find any to buy, apparently they will be offered in two sizes 5 and 10 cm cubed. I'll have to tear the fork apart for a lower lube and seal ring clean soon so will measure up and maybe make some (aluminium or nylon). Anybody want to get involved with trying to tune this fork?
  • I have been talking to Trek about this recently and I have received an e-mail saying that the reducers are NOT going into production. Shame as I thought it was a great idea in principle.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    ask trek for the dimensions then...
  • JohnBurtJohnBurt Posts: 94
    I'm still waiting for my Trek gut to come back, dimensions or even volume would be good as I can probably manufacture some from Nylon or Aluminium. I also believe TF tuned are in discussion with PUSH about these forks, again awaiting info. Of course the other option is to convert to a Float air shaft, reckon about £80 for the bits, but that's the final option, I'd like to play with what I have before consigning it to the for sale pile.
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