Pinarello FP Due

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Hi all,

Only just got back into cycling 3 months ago after 20 years away from it and have very quickly discovered one main thing......buying a flat bar hybrid was a mistake!. Bought a specialized crosstrail sport disc in January to test the water on how I would feel again about cycling, simple answer is I love it!.

I am doing around 70 miles per week, which I know is not a lot but steadily building towards more and my current bike is really not for me. Have given myself a budget of £2.5k and have found the choices available to be staggering!, however one bike keeps my attention no matter how much research I do and it's a Pinarello FP Due.

In my limited knowledge and experience I know that paying around £2300for a shimano 105 bike with what the reviews mostly say are not the best wheels in the world is a lot of money when I could get so much more from another manufacturer but this is the bike that I really want.

I've checked out ribble, specialized,Planet X, focus etc but nothing does it for me more than the Pinarello! . Am I being seduced by the brand,team sky etc, is this bike vastly overpriced for what you get, or is all of the money going into the frame?.

I'm not so concerned with speed, comfort is my number 1 priority as I plan to rack up the miles each week. Head says its overpriced, heart says...I WANT ONE!!!!

Your thoughts and opinions much appreciated.


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    Have you ridden one? Trying one out is the only way to tell if it's the right bike for you. Having said that, that is pretty expensive for a 105-specced bike. You can get a Cannondale CAAD10 with Dura Ace for significantly less: If you're bothered by image, then the CAAD has been ridden to grand tour victories. Perhaps it's not the best option if you're after comfort over speed, but it goes to show that there are better deals to be had.
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    Doesn't matter what anyone else says, if you want it get it...... But only if it fits. £2.5k is a lot of money to drop on a bike so make sure you take one out for a test ride. You already know that in terms of VFM you can do better but if the bike makes you want to get out & ride then that's the one for you. Good luck.