Upgrade 105 Golden Arrow brakes?

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Hi, recently bought an early 80s Viking Vision. Great condition, 531 frame, all original 105 Golden Arrow groupset. I love it, it gets compliments all the time!

However the brakes suck. I have new Shimano pads on it, can't remeber which type at the minute. But still the brakes are poor. When I get on my Triban at the weekends I nearly go over the bars when I brake the first few times. And it only has stock B'Twin calipers.

So will changing the pads make much difference?

I've adjusted the calipers and have them as close to the rims as possible.

Alternatively I'm considering Tektro R539 long drop brakes. Shame to lose the original ones, but the silver Tektros won't look too bad and I won't need to worry about not stopping. I'm assuming new calipers will make a marked difference?

And would I have to change the levers as well, or will the Golden Arrow levers work just as well as modern ones?


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    Personally i would try the cheaper option first. Get some new pads and see how it goes.
    I had 105 stock pads on my 2010 gt gtr series 2 and they sucked especially in the winter.
    I got a set of Halt gooey pads they are wearing out relatively quickly but they have unbelievable stopping power and besides replacement pads are cheap so im not too bothered.
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    Golden arrow brakes are single pivot I think so were that brilliant to start with but a change of pads will probably help. Aztec pads are pretty good as are Koolstops.
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  • Cool, I'll try better pads first then. Thanks.