Fixing Broken Shimano Integra Shifter

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My front shifter broke last night and on taking it to the bike shop I found out I would have to pay for 2 new shifters, which is a little outside what I can afford right now. The problem is that the lever does not catch on the next gear slot, and returns to where it was. Is this something that can be taken apart and fixed?


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    can you described when the failure happened? and also what shimano it is and how many speeds etc. Most of the shifters can be repaired if there are spare parts. ... /strip.php
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    Shimano are notorious for being un serviceable (I broke a rear shifter, took it apart and never was able to put it back together). If you know the model number you can have a good scour of the internet as there are some individuals who service certain generations of Shimano shifters.
    I am quite happy dismantling most things, but the insides of those shifters is pretty complex if you aren't certain what you are doing. Mind you, given it's broken now, you can't do it any worse by trying!

    Also try giving it a good spray of GT85 as sometimes they stick due to a build up of gunk.

    If you can't get it done, you can normally pick up spares 2nd hand.
    I have a spare Ultegra 6500 front (I assume that's what you mean) for a 9 speed double setup for cheap if you are interested?
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    Definitely try lube spray as suggested above. If it's still not working, just buy a single shifter. Some online shops sell them singularly .
    Also a hunt around on ebay can turn up some good deals. I was lucky and got a 10 speed ultegra shifter in v good condition for £4 a couple of weeks ago.
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    Thanks for the advice. Spraying it didn't work. Sent you a direct message coriordan :)