Best insurance for a road bike?

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Before I hit "buy" and drop £3k on a new dream road machine, I'm looking at insurance options.

Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) of the mainstream insurers in relation to expensive road bikes?

I live in a flat in central London with no locking facilities - I'll just have to keep it propped up against the wall in my bedroom or something. Is that likely to be a problem? Also would need cover for triathlon events and sportives but not pure bike racing as such.

Any input / experience gratefully received.



  • danlikesbikes
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    You may find that most home & mainstream insurers are not bothered about the sportives as they are none races but would consider your tri's as races.

    BC cover is pretty good, but there are quite a few specialists out there offering different levels of cover to inc or ex racing, plus extend to EU cover or W/Wide if you were thinking of travelling with your bike.
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  • Cheers. Will keep looking. Wondered whether there're any general rules to follow e.g. "don't use mainstream home / contents insurers for an expensive road bike". Will have a proper look at BC.
  • danlikesbikes
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    Home insurance is OK if you can get the cover & read the small print Re locking your bike at home. However the better cover is often found in a stand alone policy and you will probably find that as its a specialist policy the pricing is on a par with the additional cost to add to your home policy.

    Edit: forgot to add have a quick search of the BR forum posts as quite a few people have given recommendations on a few stand alone companies polices & might give you a good short list to get quotes from
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.