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Got a small problem due to the lack of morning coffe! Was changing brakepads yadayadayada, long story short. I was stupid and tired enough to make an dumb thing and took the wrong screw (lucky me i guess) and stripped a bit of the threads in my fork :oops: It's just a couple of turns in the begining and im wondering if it's even worth to helicoil it or just run it as it is! With a longer screw i get a good 10-11 turns of threads before it bottoms out! It's about 13 turns in a undamaged hole so it's just like 2-3 threads in the begining that is gone! It's also the top caliper mount where the force of braking pushes the caliper against the fork so aslong as i dont brake when going backwards in high speed (something i dont do that often..) I guess it will be okay?

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    Sounds like plenty of thread left over.
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    Sweet! I looked around in the fox tech manual and found some useful info! 10-12mm is the minimum insertion so i guess it's all good! Some carefull tightening and a bit of extra loctite in the future! Thanks for calming my nerves! If it fails in the future a helicoil dont cost that much!
  • As a general rule of thumb, use a depth of 1.5xbolt diameter minimum.

    Eg: standard M4 x 0.7 would need 4 x 1.5 = 6mm insertion, or (6/0.7 =) 8.5 turns, but that's playing safe.
    Under tension a bolt won't do anything beyond around 6 turns.
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