Respray over primer ?

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Ok so I have a NS Analog fixed gear bike that I am going to be selling through lack of use and I need to make room for my new Giant. The paint has quite a few stone chips so I have decided to respray. I am going for a simple white finish with neon pink NS Decals which should look pretty slick. Its aimed at younger urban fixie riders so I think the colours should work well.

I have sanded the frame down and I have applied 3 coats of pure white primer which looks really nice.

Can I just laquer the primer rather than applying a white top coat?

The primer layers are very thick and the finish is really nice so I think it should work but just wondered what others thought ?

I will apply the decals before the laquer first obviously.



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    i'd do a couple of coats of gloss white then laquer
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    Primer always looks good and flat, until you put the top coat on, so make sure you use 1000 grade wet and dry paper (soak the paper first) on the primer coated frame before spraying three thin coats of paint (15minutes gaps between coats) or your top coat won't shine. Leave 45 minutes before clear coating.

    Lacquer coatings (Clear Coatings): Again apply several light coats,(2 coats minimum) leaving about 10-15 minutes between each one – Making sure each coat is dry before adding the next, if not solvents will start to interact leading to an opaque matt finish.

    (All this is based on about 15c ambient temperature)

    Simples :D
    my isetta is a 300cc bike