chain on jockey wheel noise

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Ive recently - a few weeks - changed my crankset, chain and rear cassette as well as my rear mech cable.
For the first few weeks indexing etc was fine, but it recently started to drift - no suprise really given all the new bits settling in..

However i was out a few days ago and in 1st gear i noticed that the lower jockey wheel is walking on the chain links before "clicking" down into the proper location.

I figured this was maybe down to the indexing, so re-indexed all the gears up again, but still am getting this irritating noise whilst the chain and jockey wheel appear not to be aligned properly.

Unless im missing something, as far as I can see this can only be caused by the jockey wheel being misaligned, somehow bent?? The only way i can see to fix it is to slighly bend the rear mech out a bit to line the jockey wheel up with the chain so its not stepping on it..

Im always very careful with my bike, and cant imagine how it could have possibly got bend out of alignment, but wondered whether any one here has had this and whether im actually barking up the wrong tree completely...

any opinions or suggestions on this welcome.



  • WhipIt
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    I had this. I'd be interested to hear what the problem is!

    I got the shop to align the hanger which helped but didn't fix it. I also had a go at bending the cage which helped but didn't fix it.

    In the end I got a new xt shadow+ rear mech and it's awesome - solved the problem!

    Sorry I can't be more constructive.
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    if shifting is otherwise ok, and there's no sign of the rd cage being bent, it may simply be that the jockey wheels are worn

    you can replace them easily, make sure you choose the correct type (shimano/campag/sram, and speed)...
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  • Would a worn jockey wheel cause it to come out of alignment with the chain?
  • sungod
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    if they're badly worn they may not mesh as well with then chain, the bushings get worn too which can allow them to wobble around

    you've got a new chain, once you've eliminated mis-alignment/adjustment or a bent cage, there's not much left
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  • edten
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    i recently had shifting issues with a chorus mech. Tried loads of things. Happened to stick on some Token jockey wheels and shifting smoothly now (all be it a little noisier - theyre alumnium) I think the jockey wheels were a little shit in the first place and also a little worn from riding through the winter.
  • Well certainly seems like a cheap thing to try :)
    Ill see how it goes and report back!
  • mbthegreat
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    Sounds like a bent hanger to me. I'd check that first.
  • edten
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    +1 Definitely check the hanger before anything else. Even new hangers often need straightening a little.
  • Ill get the hanger and alignment checked then, seems the majority opinion..

    Whats the deal with changing jockey wheels, I know the top one I have has plenty of play in it to make shifting "smoother" i believe (its a shimano 105 one)
    are the shimano range interchangeable, i.e can I upgrade to ultegra / dura-ace?

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    I assume you kept the same chain length?

    I had slightly noisy engagement of the bottom jockey wheel with the chain after I had built up a bike. Took me ages wondering what it was, but when I shortened the chain by a link it went away. Shifting was slightly crisper too.
  • Thats a good question, i didnt fit the chain myself, but i would have hoped they kept it the same length - however I have the old one still so wont take me long to double check! :-)