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Front Shifter not springing back when moved inwards

bus_terbus_ter Posts: 337
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The front shifter (Ultegra 6700) is not springing back when pushed inwards to change up onto the large ring. I've disconnected the cable from the FD and it appears to be a lever problem. Each lever as normal has a little play before it starts to pull the gear cable, the right hand (rear shifter) will flip back straight away from this 'play' position. The rear just sticks even at that small amount, it's like the spring that moves the lever back has stopped working? Over the weekend I have given the bike a good clean and replaced the brake cables and retaped the bars. Not sure how this could have caused the problem? But it was working fine before this (though I haven't used the bike for a couple of weeks). Any ideas? I tried to search online but couldn't find much apart from spray lots of WD-40 into the shifter. I don't really want to do this unless I have to as it will strip away all the factory grease.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,774
    not sure if the inner workings are similar, but...

    i recently changed the cable on my commute bike, threaded it through the (tiagra) shifter, outer, tensioned, clamped, didn't work, lever felt odd, hmmm

    backtracked, inside the shifter the cable had slipped over the top of the bit that is supposed to hold it, there area the cable head sat in looked quite shallow, so it was easy for the loose cable to slip out and vanish inside the shifter

    spent a few minutes with a pick getting it out, reseated, then held the head on place until i could tension it
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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