Value of 2013 Giant Defy Composite 3 (Full Carbon)

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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I have a 3 month old 2013 Giant Defy Composite 3 full Carbon road bike which i am thinking of selling and really would like to know everyones ideas to how much i could expect to get for it. It has only covered around 500 miles. The wheels and tyres have never been used as i have a pair of Mavic wheels which i used on this bike and had fitted before leaving the shop. It cost me £1250 and even looking now on the net the cheapest i can see these selling for is £1250.
Thanks in advance for any advice etc


  • dwanes
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    Hi Meerkat16,
    Why are you thinking of selling it after only 3 month?
  • Meerkat16
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    Want a more aggressive style bike and have also have a bit of spare cash to invest in a higher end bike.
  • Meerkat16
    Meerkat16 Posts: 320
    Nobody able to give advice?
  • Camcycle1974
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    Sorry to rain on your parade but I doubt you would get more than£750 for it. Its second hand no matter how few miles its done. Would you pay full whack for a second hand car? Did you not look at a TCR?. Guess a part exchange might be a possibility.