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Garmin screen protector

bikeit65bikeit65 Posts: 909
edited April 2013 in Road buying advice
Anyone know if you can get a screen protector for the Garmin Edge 200 ?
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  • looks like you can get them on ebay although I'm puzzled why you would need one, it's not a touch screen? I've used my edge 800 for nearly two years without one and it's fine despite my best efforts with grubby hands/gloves/sleeves.
  • I have a screen protector on my 500 and as far as i know the 200 is the exact same size. It's been on there for nearly two years now. I put them on everything i have with a screen to protect against scratches. Digital camera, mobile, even laptop has one on! you can buy a pack of 5 or 6 for £2-£3 on ebay.
  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    The extremely crappy weather this extended winter has done for my 800's screen - it is now covered with minor scratches. Nothing serious, but I'd definitely recommend fitting a screen protector after my recent experience. Not sure which products are available - a bit late for me now I'm afraid!

  • bikeit65bikeit65 Posts: 909
    Cheers folks.
    Northpole you could try and remove the scratches from the screen with some Brasso metal polish, the wadding type, i have used it in the past to remove scratches from different things and it works 99% of the time, i have also used toothpaste to remove scratches from spectacle lenses.
    Planet X RT58
    Cannondale CAAD 10 2012.
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  • edtenedten Posts: 228
    i use them if nothing else to retain some value when I come round to sell it. You'll likely get a better price if the screen isnt scratched to buggery.
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    I just use helicopter tape - the same stuff I use on my bike frames to protect the frame from cable rub. If you get some 5cm wide stuff then you can cut a bit to fit the Edge's screen.
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  • mallorcajeffmallorcajeff Posts: 2,259
    Plus one on the toothpaste. I removed a whole key scratch from a hire car in spain when its all i had on the way back to the airport and saw it. They never noticed it after i dropped it off. Saved a 500 excess. Used a whole tube though.
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